When you submit your abstract via the submission form you can choose to apply for an oral presentation or a poster prestation. The PBE2023 Scientific Committee, in charge of the scientific programme also serves as the abstract selection committee i.e. select the abstracts which will be invited to give an oral presentation.

Each author may only be present one abstract.

Abstracts submission was from February 20 to March 27. It’s not possible de submit, change, and/or delete any abstract.

Authors will be notified if they have been selected for an oral presentation on date to be confirmed.

Deadline for abstract submitters to register and pay is date to be confirmed. Abstracts are automatically withdrawn if the submitter fails to register and pay the registration fee for the conference by the deadline.


Submission is closed


Writing Instructions

In order to submit an abstract, each author must first create a submission account, after which he/she will receive a confirmation of account creation and a password. He will then be able to submit his abstract via his account. The latter will be editable online until the deadline indicated above.

Your abstract must be prepared in English, which is the official conference language.

The title and text of the submission must be written in lowercase.

Compound names must be separated by dashes.

Authors’ names and contact information must be in the following format, separated by commas.



(1) Institution, Address, Postal Code City, Country

(2) Institution, Address, Postal Code City, Country


Scientific Theme

When submitting your abstract you assign it to one of the three main scientific themes that correspond with the scientific programme :

  • Biomechanics
  • Comparative genomics
  • Chromosome dynamics
  • Domestication in retrospect and the future of breeding
  • Epigenetic mechanisms and responses in plants
  • Genome editing and its use for plant breeding
  • Interfaces with plant and soil microbiota
  • Macro and micro nutrients in plants
  • Organellar biology
  • Photosynthesis : understanding and progress in its manipulation
  • Plant reproduction: mechanisms and evolution
  • Plant adaptation to climate change
  • Plant and algal development and evolution
  • Plant Immunity
  • Plant responses to abiotic stress
  • Synthetic biology
  • The genetic architecture of quantitative traits in plants
  • The genetics of natural variation of plant-plant interactions


The text of the abstracts should have a maximum of 1000 characters (excluding title, authors and affiliations).


Standard abbreviation does not need explanation. Otherwise, abbreviations must be defined when first used in the text.


To add an image:

    Click on the « Image » icon in the text editor bar.

    Click on « Browse Server » and then on « Send / Upload » to get your image.

    Once uploaded, double-click on the image to select it.

    The intermediate window will allow you to change the size of the image. Click on OK.


A confirmation will be generated automatically and sent to your email address. If you do not receive a confirmation after submitting your abstract, please contact us directly at scientific@europlantbiology2023.org.

If changes to your submitted abstract are necessary, please contact us by e-mail prior to the official deadline.

After acceptance by the scientific council, the abstracts will be given to the participants of the congress in electronic form. For this purpose, a commitment to transfer the rights must be validated on the first screen.


ATTENTION: abstracts submitted in any other form will not be accepted. Only one submission per paper is allowed. Duplicate abstracts are eliminated, only the last submission counts.