The scientific conference places a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical considerations. Hence, we strongly encourage attendees to travel to the conference via train, reducing their carbon footprint and helping to minimize the impact of transportation on the environment. PBE2023 has put in place initiatives to make its congress sustainable aiming to:

  • Reduce as much as possible the greenhouse gases produced before and during the congress and work to mitigate them, for exemple by reducing the air conditioner at the congress venue.
  • Lessen the resources required, favoring their use at the local level according to availability. Encourage reuse and recycling practices whenever possible. For exemple, we will have water fountains at the congress venue. We want to encourage you to come with your own bottle to refill it, and avoid plastic waste.
  • Promote good sustainable practices, eco-gestures to stakeholders involved in the preparation of the congress. For exemple we encourage people to come by train and use public transportation.
  • Work with suppliers, partners, and businesses supporting the sustainability efforts of the congress for environmental, social, and economic benefits. The selected caterer is certificed ISO20121, which means he aims to work with local producer and seasonal fruits and vegetables.


As the Professional Congress Organizer chosen by PBE2023, K.I.T. Group France shares this commitment and has integrated sustainable practices at all levels of the construction and organization of the event.