Fabrice Roux

LIPM, Toulouse, France


Session Title:

The genetics of natural variation of plant-plant interactions



Interactions among plants have been long recognized as a major force driving plant community dynamics and crop yield. A better understanding of plant community diversity, productivity, and stability relies on deciphering the ecological genetics and molecular bases of plant-plant interactions in wild and crop species, which range from competitive to positive interactions. Surprisingly, compared to other categories of biotic interactions, our knowledge of the ecological genetics associated with natural variation of plant-plant interactions remains limited. This session will highlight the most recent discoveries in the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying natural variation of plant-plant interactions, which may in turn help for better managing plant communities within agroecosystems and optimizing breeding programs. A better understanding of the (agro)ecologically relevant genetics of plant-plant interactions would require more than ever the establishment of interdisciplinary projects.


Room 76