Gwyneth Ingram



Session Title:

Controlling communication during reproductive development: The genesis and roles of apoplastic barriers



Seed biology and biophysics



Angiosperm reproductive structures (anthers and ovules/seeds) are complex assemblies containing highly specialized, metabolically diverse, and in some cases genetically distinct compartments. Their successful development depends both on strict inter-tissue coordination, and upon selectively gated inter-tissue communication, particularly at the metabolic level. For these two requirements to be met, dynamic, extensive, and precise remodelling of tissue interfaces, affecting both symplastic (direct cytoplasm-cytoplasm) and apoplastic (involving diffusion through the extracellular matrix) connectivity, is a prerequisite. I will concentrate on apoplastic modifications occurring between key compartments in the developing seeds and anthers of Arabidopsis thaliana, and aim to illustrate how the timely deposition of intact apoplastic filters (barriers) is achieved in these contexts.


Auditorium 900