Karel Riha


Brno, Czech Republic


Session Title:

P-bodies and post-transcriptional gene regulation in plant reproduction and stress response



Telomeres and genome stability/ Regulation of meiosis/Role of RNA decay in genome regulation



Gene expression is a multilayer process that can be regulated at the level of RNA production, processing, transport, translation and RNA stability. Many of these processes are associated with membraneless organelles, dynamic structures formed by multivalent interactions of proteins and nucleic acids that may exhibit properties of liquid-liquid phase condensates. In my presentation I will explore the role of P-bodies, cytoplasmic biocondensates sequestering translationally repressed mRNA and RNA decay proteins, in plant germline differentiation and stress response. I will show how dynamic behavior of P-bodies contributes to the regulation of meiosis and discuss a broader function of these structures in other plant physiological processes.


Auditorium 900