Leandro Quadrana



Session Title:

Epigenetic mechanisms and responses in plants



Epigenetics, DNA methylation, chromatin modifications, transposable elements, epigenomics, non-model organisms



Understanding how the environment influences genome activity is a major challenge of our time, especially given that the world’s environments are changing at an unprecedented rate due to global warming. In this context, epigenetics has emerged as an important component of genome regulation, specifically by modulating transposon activity and canalizing gene response to environmental cues. Extensive work in model organisms, together with recent advances in epigenomics, are transforming our understanding of how epigenetics shape environmental responses, while facilitating the study of non-model plants species.This workshop of FESPB will showcase multiple aspects of epigenetic regulation recent advances in plant epigenetics: chromatin modifications, transposon control, transgenerational epigenetics, and population epigenomics.


Room 120