Rosa Lozano-Durán

University of Tübingen – ZMBP

Tübingen, Germany


Session Title:

Plant immunity



Plant imminuty, pathogens, defense



Plants live constantly surrounded by potential enemies. To defend themselves against biotic threats, plants have evolved sophisticated immune systems, which rely on the perception of the attacker and ultimately lead to the activation of an array of defence responses, sufficient to fend off most possible invaders. The last decades have witnessed a staggering expansion of our understanding of plant immune pathways, with the identification of a plethora of molecular players on both sides of the plant-pathogen interaction. This session aims to provide a discussion forum for plant scientists interested in the different aspects of plant immune mechanisms and their subversion by successful pathogens, including perception, signaling, and defence responses, as well as in how this basic knowledge can be translated to improve crop resistance.


Auditorium 900